The Surrender and Sacrifice Solution

Dear Beautiful Souls,

Untitled-1When I think of sacrifice I think of all the things I have given up hoping to manifest the next “big idea” I have for my life. I have given up sex, food, places I have lived and gone from one extreme to another trying to fix me. I have been an all or nothing kind of person my whole life. I have described myself as a sprinter, performing at high levels for short burst. These short burst of exertion have often proven to pay off which has reinforced such behavior that is until the crash of exhaustion sets in. I become frustrated and then typically rebel for a little while until I muster up the white knuckled approach to do it all over again. I would always think the right solution is self-sacrifice and withholding ANYTHING that would not allow me to be perceived perfect.  I would often apply this outlook to my relationship with God as well going from extremes of celibacy to fasting and then to prayer fests. As I write it all down it actually seems laughable to think that is the way I decided to control myself. I always lived by this thought that I must be perfect and sacrifice or suffer to be happy. I can say that has not worked for me with certainty. I still struggle with the desire to live in extremes and I am realizing the real definition of self-sacrifice lies somewhere in between trust and surrender. Those two concepts seem harder than anything else. By surrendering to faith or believing in the unknown we are essentially testing God and our spirit. We are laying all the pressure of our joy to rest on the process of letting go.


So, How Do You Surrender?

  1. Ask to be led.
  1. Listen and write the thoughts down.
  1. Follow you spirit’s intuitive guidance.


When I asked my spirit how to surrender, this is what I heard below.

  • Be Still.
  • Allow the flow of emotions to cleanse your pain.
  • Lay your troubles at God’s feet every minute of the day.
  • Acknowledge His resolutions.
  • Speak of your blessings.
  • Share with your heart your soul’s whisperings and plant them there to bloom.
  • Allow the mind to govern decision making that is heart and soul driven.
  • Seek out the vibration in people, places and things that cause you to feel peace constantly.
  • Serve yourself by serving others, selflessness brings selfishness in balance.
  • Trust that you will have what is promised, if you do what you promise by honoring your purpose.
  • Until you know your way, keeping walking anyway. Movement is the condition by which you learn.
  • Align yourself with the view that God’s sees. A perspective that physical obtainment is temporary, spiritual obtainment is eternal.
  • Accept self- sacrifice in lieu of self- control. Allow instead of resist. Alter your course by sacrificing old thoughts, actions and manuscripts that have gotten you to the place of now.


One of my greatest desires is to have a family and be in love with myself and someone else at the same time. A wish that I have yet to see manifest. I woke up this morning with my recurring dream of having three children and partner in life. I think dreams are really the secrets that our souls already know. These things are already there we just have to put ourselves in the vibration that will pull them towards us.

According to the Webster’s dictionary, the definition of sacrifice is to give up an offering for something else that you want, or in a spiritual context it can be described as giving up a possession to God.  For me self-sacrificing is letting go of the supplemental men that get me emotionally by or the sweet food that takes away my craving for love. Self-sacrifice is really just the emotional place we must all go in order to give up ourselves to Him.  In this process we must identify when we experience the separation from the body and spirit, which means the body resists the spirits lead. To be successful in absolute surrender the spirit must seek out the solutions and the body must follow. Following God begins by leading your heart, mind and spirit towards HIM first. The compass is already within guiding your direction. Your ears will hear the way, your eyes will recognize the vision, your heart will feel the pound of excitement and your soul will confirm in feeling peace.

Are you willing to experience the sensations of surrender for your spiritual solution? Consider this; surrender is like the thunder in a storm that warns of the light about to break in you. Sacrifice is like unto lightning, with every discharge of negative energy, you will transform your spiritual world and be seen for who you really are.


Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive