“People cross our paths for a reason. I had the pleasure of Amy and I crossing paths, both on a journey of discovery, and I have to say it has been an amazing ride. I have spent many many hours having insightful , heartfelt, and deep discussions with her that bring about change and love, laughter and tears in both of us. Her heart is pure, her spirit truly beautiful, and her gift is incredible. She will work with her clients through the trenches, never giving up on them finding their truth, and be holding their hand with a smile as they come through the other side. Her faith is without compromise, and I learn from her as much as she learns from me without doubt. She is a pleasure to know. xx”

Nicole McHenry, Psychic Medium

“I have had the privilege of knowing Amy for several months now and recently had my first formal reading with her. She is a BEAUTIFUL SOUL, incredibly gifted and Amy radiates love, light and super good vibes! She imparts a sense of peace and tranquility and she is 100% genuine. The information that Amy has shared with me was spot on and came at a perfect time. I highly recommend Amy’s services and give her 5 stars! *****”

“Greetings Amy! I had to share something with you… when you met with me in June, you had let me know that my BFF that passed would come as a butterfly and you specifically said orange with a black outline… here is a picture of a butterfly that came to rest on her daughter’s arm. The butterfly also landed in her hand. I’m blown away every day by all of the things that you told me. I hope that you don’t ever doubt the gift you have – you are very blessed and special. THANK YOU again for the ‘body scan’ and all of the information that you shared. I’ve completely changed my eating, starting to exercise and incorporating a lot of the spiritual cleansing into my life and I feel like a new person. I look forward to doing a SKYPE session one of these days in the future. Take care and I just wish you a super day. Thank you for spreading so much love and peace.”

Sheila L., Information Technology


“Amy is simply amazing! She’s tells you about things that you know no one knows and is able to read your true hearts desires. After only a few minutes I knew she was the real deal and was glad that our paths crossed!”

Chris M., Music Production


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Amy, she is the REAL deal! I went to her not knowing what to expect, but she immediatly made me feel comfortable. She was able to give me insight and guidance about my life path. She put so many of my worries at ease.This whole experience has been a ‘game-changer’ for me. She truly is something special!”

Megan A., School Teacher & Stay at Home Mom


“Amy and I found each other after I opened my 3rd business and quickly became kindred spirits. One day we met for breakfast just to collaborate and share business ideas and we spent the next 3 hours communicating on a very spiritual level. Amy was aware of some big changes ahead of me and she along with her guides openly advise me. It turns out that Amy saved my business and my life. I trust Amy’s ability to guide me in both my personal and professional life~ she is truly a blessing!”

Krystal E., Business Owner/Skyebird Juice Bar


“Finding Your Soul seminar was amazing and enlightening. I became so aware of my own intuition. I wasn’t clear but I can see clearly now. I see my intuition !!! I don’t necessarily feel it but in meditation this morning I realized I SEE IT,!!! and all the intuitions I ignored flooded in. It’s all good and I accept as part of my journey. I see…then know…and if I close my eyes and envision then I feel. Thank you Amy. Blessings”

Shilah J., Social Worker


“Amy Brock definitely has a gift.  My experience with her on my spiritual path was motivating and life changing. I am a skeptic and need lots of signs…..every doubt I had was erased and my life is taking on new meaning. She is very caring and has just the right way to coach your life to a higher level.  I would recommend her to anyone. It’s not what you think it will be. Thank you so much. I have been getting a reading once a month with Amy for over a year now. I was at a crossroads and she has helped me to become very powerful in my spiritual journey and in my life. She’s very accurate and definitely a spiritual intuitive with a great gift. I am very excited about my life now and the journey it is taking me.

Amy thank you so much for helping me in my spiritual journey. Your love and spiritual intuitive words have given me hope and a path totally unexpected. You are amazing and so powerful. The seminar you and your staff conducted was so insightful and very exciting. It’s great to be a part of something so full of love and joy. Thanks for all you do. You definitely have a gift and you are using it for good. You are changing lives. You have changed mine.”

Charlene M., Personal Trainer

“Amy is a gifted and powerful intuitive who was blessed with an amazing gift from God. I received a wonderful reading from her recently where I was able to connect with my deceased father and get many messages from his spirit as well as other meaningful messages from sprit. She truly comes from a place of wanting to help and heal others and is able to deliver a message that can help guide you on your path, to those who are open to it. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to connect to the other side or has questions about their own path and are looking for guidance. The readings are very therapeutic to the heart and soul.”

Angie M., ARNP


“I had my first reading with Amy a couple of weeks ago and I have had many, many readings in the past, great ones and not so great ones, so I have a lot to compare it to. One of the main things I look for is if the person “walks the talk”. In other words- I don’t want a reading from someone who is negative, or has a bad vibe. Amy is a true professional. She was so tuned in and there was no ego, whi…ch is so important to me. I’ve noticed this is actually a rare quality, and only present in the most legitimate of psychic-mediums. Her information is accurate and so specific, I was able to validate some of what she told me within the hour! (about the person I’d asked about…something I had known nothing about!) I highly recommend her, especially if you’re losing faith or are at a cross-roads in life. A reading with her will definitely bring you peace and peace of mind.”

Marcella C., Celebrity Make up Artist


“Amy is fantastic at being able to put someone at ease. She told me some things about myself that I had never really thought of and gave me peace.”

Melinda R., Professional for Florida State University


“With Spirit’s assistance, Amy changes lives, or rather, our perception of our lives as we know it. With Spirit, Amy uncovered and provided tools to heal old wounds, gave confirmation on things I already knew and shared methods on how to move forward. I am grateful that she has chosen to pick up the mantle and heed the call of lightworker because that is truly what she is. I recommend Amy for anyone that is looking for truth, direction and spiritual insight. I’m not new to this, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Amy is one of the best spiritual intuitives I have seen thus far.”

Peggy Y. Retired

“I hesitate to call this a psychic reading because it is so much more than that. Amy is led by spirit to connect with our soul on its deepest most divine level, sharing what it is we need to learn and achieve during this lifetime. It is uplifting and empowering. But more importantly, I left feeling my connection to the Divine and comforted by knowing there are no coincidences – only lessons and growth free of judgment for the elevation, and highest good, of my spirit. I highly encourage anyone looking for a truly spiritual, transformative experience to see Amy. You will not be disappointed.”

Keira D., Social Worker


“Amy is truly an amazing soul! She is a woman of many, many gifts and talents. Indeed she is a most talented intuitive! Amy’s roles in my life include but are not limited to; sister, friend, confidant, guide, counselor & healer. Moreover, she has been a leader and role model for me in many ways. Over the 5 years or so I have been blessed to be a part of her life (and she a part of mine) she has hel…ped me to break down walls in order to free personal demons and also to build walls of protection for myself. She has aided me in my journey to get better acquainted with myself and my spirit, to know myself better. She has helped me to figure out what truly drives my spirit, what kind of person I want to be and what kind of life I want to live. Furthermore, she has guided me and taught me how to achieve these goals and find peace and happiness within myself! During my single reading with Amy, she brought to the table (several times over) people/trials of my past that she had no previous knowledge of. Things that I had kept entirely to myself for many many years! Amy’s faith is her guide, where she finds strength, direction and enlightenment. Her intuition is wholly pure and strong! Amy has always been an advocate for helping others to become the best version of theirselves. She is a gift! She has enlightened me on so many levels. I love her as family and trust her intuition completely!”

Rachael J., Dental Hygeniest


“Amy is fantastic. She helped me get clear on the things I want in life. She is professional and uses her gift to guide you.”

Ari S., Realtor and Stay at Home Mom


“I have had the privilege to see Amy’s gift unravel first hand. She has helped many people, including myself, to get in touch with their own intuition and spirit. I’ve watched her give people, who come in to the spa, information that they needed to hear. I could see the relief in their eyes because she was able to answer questions that they’ve had for a very long time. In my own experiences with Am…y and through conversations, my purpose and life path are more clear. Her accuracy still astonishes me. Her work comes from a place of love, and through that she has touched the hearts and souls of many. I feel blessed to be on this journey with her as I develop my own gifts. I am excited to see what else will come of these miraculous experiences. Thank you Amy for sharing your wisdom, guidance, insight, and light with me and with those who need it.”

Rocio L., LMT, Aesthecian

“Very powerful experience! !!! Amy is very kind. A lot of information came about. Her intuitions, gentle strength and accuracy are impressive.”

Carol Anne R., Hair Stylist

“I had a reading with Amy and I must say that she cares about her clients. I didn’t feel like it was a business transaction (customer paying for a service) but a friend who wants to help you. I’m very stubborn and can get very defensive at times but Amy was very patience with me. She responded to me like the highly evolved spiritual being that she is. It took me awhile to receive what she was saying even though I knew that she was right. I wasn’t ready to hear the in-depth guidance. Thank you Amy for providing light into the dark areas of my life!”

Tania C., Social Worker


“I have had the privilege of having had two readings with Amy. She has helped me …to reconnect with my father, who has passed. To learn, love and forgive him and myself. To know he is always with me when I need him. She has opened my mind and my life with her guidance and knowledge. How to learn from my guides and expand my own talents with their help.I have known Amy for many years and a lifetime or two before and you could not ask for a better friend or advisor in this journey we are all privileged to travel. Be Brave…Take a Deep Breath….Jump into the Deep End of the Pool This new chapter of your life is waiting for you….and Amy is the one who can lead you to that new awakening.”

Grace C., Massage Therapist

“If you are looking for the real deal you have found it in Amy Brock. A true Spiritual guide and teacher, Amy’s gift of light, guidance, direction and love is powerful and life changing. One of my own very personal experiences with Amy’s gift of light, knowledge and truth has changed the course of my life forever. With her help I have crossed over from past pain, self destruction and misery to a life full of hope, self love and the power to see clearly the beautiful path before me. Thank you! Blessings in love and light to you always.”

Stephanie S., Business Management

“We all have a beautiful story meant to unfold in our lives, and I would say with 100% certainty that if your goal is to realize yours, go see Amy.Amy is not only a gifted spiritual intuitive, she is a salt of the earth, grounded, and successful businesswoman, owning a spa and making her life’s work about helping others find their inner beauty and developed their gifts.

I have been under her care and services for roughly 2 years, and when I first met her, I was struck by her grounding and kind energy. She is generous, caring, but also with two feet planted on the ground.

I attended her Intuition Seminar with a girlfriend who drove in from out of town and not only left with a ton of good information in developing my *own* intuition, a real sense that Amy does the work she does out of the love in her hearts she has for others. No gimmicks, no nonsense. If you want someone who burns incense and sends you home with a totem to burn, go somewhere else. If you want top notch, high class, honest guidance and support, go see Amy. I look forward to continuing to seek her counsel and to walk with me as I build my new business and find my path.

She is a real keeper of light and loving wisdom.”

Crystal B., Sales

“I would just like to thank Amy Brock for the heartfelt Spirit Visit session I received on February 25, 2017. Amy reunited me with my transitioned loved ones in spirit. She is genuine; I felt their spirit the whole time she transferred the messages.  I lost my 28 year old son three years ago in a tragic way.  I always feel his spirit close, but wanted confirmation from someone else. Miraculously three years later I meet Amy Brock on my Facebook page on my son’s birthday; I know he sent her because Amy and I have no friends in common.  Well suffice to say I purchased a ticket to the 2/25/17 show which was rescheduled for the following Saturday which I couldn’t make, so it  turned into a one on one session with Amy the same day (I know my son made this happen as well).  I am so glad it happened that way because not only did my son come through with much to say, but my mother, grandmother, grandfather and father came through as well.  Amy has such patience, understanding and very tenacious in her approach when relaying messages and very accurate if I may add.  Amy has a kind gentle spirit that enables everyone/spirit involved to feel comfortable and commune.  I never met my mother’s mother (my grandmother), but during and after the session it felt like I knew her all my life and I feel a closeness too her even now.  I now have the resolve I so desperately needed thanks to Amy; I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Ernestine W., Business Management

“Amy Brock is a great Spiritual Advisor who always seems to amaze me on how great she really is … If you have a session with Amy; you will find that it is very calming and peaceful experience… There is no ego in the way of what she has to say, her messages come out clear … Messages are given that only you can relate to and you can either ignore them or work on them to help you in your daily life .. No 2 sessions are the same, so I would suggest that you take what she says from each session and really understand what was said… It might not make sense at the time you hear it, but I am sure it will later on. She keeps me grounded and in tuned with my Spiritual side. Xoxo”

Enza G., Sales

“Amy was my first ever experience with a spiritual intuitive. I went open minded and excited for anything. I was in shock at the things she was able to tell me that no one would have known. She was able to help me understand myself more and feel comfort in other areas. Still two days later I’m pondering and thinking about things. She is the real deal and if you’re thinking of meeting with her but unsure, I promise you will not regret it.”

Misty D. Buncrana, Ireland

“Amy Brock has a beautiful aura and soul. She is all about healing. You will find your truths even when you did’nt expect it. You get what you need, not what you want. I enjoyed learning how to take care of myself in mind, body and spirit…What a way to end my birthday month. I have finally been able to have a private session with Amy Brock and I’m glad I persisted. I was led to find some answers and they were all answered and more. She knew all I needed without a word from me. I’m feeling lighter in spirit already. Be prepared for your truths to be exposed. Give yourself a gift and book a workshop or a session. You will be better for it. I was sad that I could not attend my friends funeral in Chicago but he came through to say hello and told me its okay. It was the best gift to know he knew I loved him.”

Dee F., Social Services

“I met Amy a year ago through a workshop. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago I decided to do a reading. Oh how it has changed me with myself and my relationships.

Amy has the most beautiful energy and heart and is very accurate with her readings. It’s truly a special gift and amazing in my eyes.

I’ve always known that I have a special gift with people and I feel we are in the process and journey of discovering that. Thank you Amy, I am excited to discover many more beautiful things about myself and the world around me.”

Alison M., Domestic Goddess

“Phenomenal!! Amy bonded with who I am immediately and read me as if I had handed her my diary. She allows you to interject if she does not make sense, but she makes perfect sense. Her readings are not generalized; it is quite specific. Amy shared her amazing gift with me so genuinely, warmly, humorously, and honestly; I am humbled. Thank you for being so caring and making me feel so valued. I am grateful for you and your time. Hugs.”

Julie H., Life Coach

“I met Amy a two years ago in a workshop in Chicago. I only have amazing words to describe her and the way she works. If you are ready for big changes in yourself and in your life, including healing and finding your true self, she is the perfect person! Thank you Amy.”

Carolina F., Social Services

“Amy just gave me the most amazing energy healing and clearing….. I am so grateful to be here this weekend, what an amazing gift Amy is to this line of work, thank you so much for everything that you do! If you live in Orlando Florida – Look her up, she is an amazing Intuitive and energy healer.”

Jennifer S., World Renown Intuitive Medium

“You would think you want to continue going back to Amy after your first reading but no, not for me. The first reading was enough for me to strengthen my faith in God and take control of my destiny. Amy uses her abilities to be an instrument for the high power. She took her time, energy and utilized it to ultimately remind me not to fear things that haven’t happened and remain faithful. I have never trusted my energy more or underestimated my spirit since I met Amy. Amy you would never know (well you might LOL) the positive influence you’ve had on my spirit, life and heart. I love you Angel.”

Kenya F., Producer

“It’s very rare in life that you meet someone who is so in tune with the DEAD AND THE LIVING what a rare fine she is. Upon just meeting her for the first time which was over the phone initially you can tell right away she had a warm and giving spirit. There is a saying that God put people in your life for a reason and a season but I do believe God has put her in my life for a life time. Thank you Amy for just being you I love you to pieces. For the people who are skeptical come out to one of her events when she is in New York and see for yourself.”

Diane H., Law Enforcement

“So committed, passionate, healing and empowering! My time with Amy is very healing during and after. Insight I gain on an issue, topic, thought, and scenario is invaluable which has been extremely helpful to me for my mind and soul to heal and reconnect with life’s precious lessons.”

Mindy B., Entrepreneur, Spa Owner

“A very dear friend who was “WOWED” by Amy’s intuitive abilities introduced me to Amy in December 2015. I sensed that I was at a crossroad in my life and so, I quit my job with an idea where I thought I wanted to go next. Even though I had just had a recent medium reading, I felt compelled to see Amy. What Amy told me was totally unexpected and convinced me that I needed to take the time heal my body and soul rather than just quickly jump into another career. I am so grateful for Amy’s gift to heal. She is helping me to heal my physical body and my soul’s wounds and to connect with my spirit guides.”

Angel P., Business Management

“Skeptical, yes I was. Yet I was open to a new experience. Through a very close friend I was introduced to Amy and her blessings. Her gift is without boundaries. With her gift, compassion and loving spirit she has helped me to help myself. It has been an amazing experience to grow and meet my potential. Want guidance? Want to tune in to your purpose? Need help to face your fears? Need support while you shed the burdens of the past? Then you will be in great hands with Amy. Through prayer, trust in her gift of intuition and her relationships with the spirit guides Amy is there to help you. She is purpose driven, she is loving, she is special and she is the truth! I have seen tremendous growth in myself since I have been working with Amy.  A non-judgmental space to work on “YOU”.  Amy is compassionate and patient.  Her services are delivered with sincerity.  She uses her gifts to nurture, but she will push you hard when she knows you are ready to face the challenges. The utmost professional.  Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to her.  You won’t regret it.”

Allison B.,  Vascular Surgeon

“It was through the voice of a friend sharing his notes on a reading he was given, and the absolute truth of him that I witnessed in those words, that brought me to Amy Brock. In the last 25 years, I have received many readings from psychics, mediums, tarot readers, and astrologers. To me, an eternal skeptic, it has always been a form of entertainment, really… for what I was seeking was to be WOWED. For 25 years, I had mostly been disappointed, until I walked into Amy’s office in November of 2015. Within my 90 minute soul interview… I was effectively WOWED! I immediately signed on to continue my soul work for a 12 session program, and attended her ‘Finding Your Soul’ Workshop in January. Amy has a direct connection to source – as well as education and experience with mental health counseling, which allows her to access the needs of your body, mind, and spirit – and then provide guidance, and hands-on healing, as needed.

It’s difficult to describe the work that we do and what I’ve accomplished with her guidance. What I can share, is that I have been on a path of personal development since I was 23, and while I was able to do a great deal of work and healing on the conscious level, Amy has helped me to dive deeper into the parts of myself that were previously locked or hidden. In essence, she has helped me achieve a level of development and healing that might have taken me another 20 years to access on my own, if ever. At 47, I have an overwhelming sense that I am running out of time. With Amy Brock’s guidance and support, I am overcoming a lifetime of self-limiting false beliefs, and shall soar into the rest of my days knowing that I have done everything I can to nurture and build my own best life.

No Longer a Skeptic.”

Melissa B., Executive Assistant

“I have been regularly seeing Amy for over one year and it has completely changed my life and my relationships! I found Amy when I was searching for an intuitive therapist. I desperately needed help with something that had been challenging me my whole life and I wanted therapy. I also wanted to get to the core of the problem and I know doing this intuitively is the most effective way. Boy, has Amy delivered. Not only did she instantly and accurately get to the core of the problem, she gave awesome, actionable items for me to work on that has healed a situation that I have not been able to heal EVER. I have been to many spiritual intuitives looking for help to move forward and they just barely touched the surface. Amy is an amazing clear channel that receives accurate, helpful, loving guidance. She is the real deal! Whenever I see her, she knows exactly what I need instantly for the meeting before I even say anything. There is not messing around getting to what I need. If you want to shift your life in a positive direction, Amy will definitely guide you there no matter what you need help with. Amy is a one of the most connective, accurate intuitives I have been to, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with her! I am so glad I did.”

Karen R., Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor

“I met Amy when I was invited by a friend of mine to a workshop last March. I must admit I was hesitant to speak with Amy as I wasn’t sure what to think about a spiritual intuitive or what to expect from one! She put me at ease with her caring nature and within minutes, I was blown away. She revealed specific things that NO ONE else could have possibly known about. Because of Amy’s reading/guidance during that initial Soul Coaching session, I was able to start make necessary changes in my life to pull myself out of a sinking hole.

I have had a number of sessions with Amy for a year now.  Although I may not follow up on all of her advice and/or suggestions for my well-being (solely because of my own pattern of staying with what I know instead of looking forward and making changes out of pure fear) there is no judgement. Amy continues to help me understand myself, learn how to take care of myself, and shows me precisely what I need in order to achieve this.

Amy has an amazing gift and she uses her abilities to help others. Trust me, she’s the real deal. She is genuine, truly cares, and has a heart for others. She changed my life and helped me see that I can have a brighter future. Thank you, Amy.”

Dina O., Teacher

“Visiting Amy is something I initially viewed with excitement, but also a lot of trepidation. I’m a Christian, and I worried that delving into the realm of the spirits would somehow offend God or make me feel uncomfortable. Amy was very adept at handling my anxiety while also assuring me that she was a Christian and a spiritual intuitive, two things that aren’t mutually exclusive. Soon I began to feel very comfortable and the fear dissipated. My experience with Amy was incredible and life-changing. She’s extremely skilled at giving and receiving messages and images from the spiritual realm. Having recently lost a relative, Amy was able to connect with her, and the information that she gave me was spot on. Much of the fear and sadness of losing her was alleviated by hearing what she had to say to me. Gifted at seeing through the layers of someone’s psyche and fully in touch with the spirit world, Amy helped guide me through some of the areas of my life that needed help. She was also able to read my chakras and see where imbalances lie. Amy was extraordinarily intuitive when she put her figurative finger on an ability I had that I never knew how to express of handle. Since that time, my gift has gotten stronger, and I’m no longer caught in a spiritual conundrum. As a spiritual intuitive, Amy is very in touch with her higher power, which is one of the reasons her reading helped me improve my life. She’s not a charlatan or false prophet. She is the real deal. Some of the things she told me were so powerful and touched me so deeply, it was if she was rummaging around in my soul and finding the bright spots to hold out for my inspection. The experience was otherworldly and yet it was done with such care and authenticity that I felt a divine connection that I hadn’t experienced in over twenty years. The feeling lasts to this day and viewing the world through her eyes has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities and wonder for me. If you are struggling with the unbearable weight of being and are considering speaking to a spiritual intuitive, I would strongly suggest that you speak with Amy Brock. I know that I am forever changed because I did.”

Hildie B.  Orlando, FL

“I met with Amy to connect with my husband. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was truly amazed with the accuracy of details. His mannerisms and personal expressions, sayings, came through. I felt as though he were there, advising and comforting me. He spoke through her about our children and about personal things I needed to hear and pay closer attention to. I also had a session with spirit guides. I was surprised to learn she had details of people in my life and life situations I was going through without my input on the issues. I was encouraged and guided as to what to focus on and what to avoid with detail that could not have been known before meeting with Amy. I felt such a true connection. When I needed help in another area, I didn’t hesitate to go back to get clarity on situations I needed to address. I highly recommend a meeting with Amy it brought peace and strength to me on many levels.”

Ruby C., Retired

“The best reading ever! Very informative. She is the real deal!”

Leslie B., Medical Billing

“Amy is an amazing spiritual advisor and I thoroughly enjoy speaking with her in my time of need. She has helped me in my walk with God and she continues to be a beautiful advisor through it all.”

Sapphira M., Entrepreneur

“Amy has restored faith in my life after speaking with her. I’m excited to see what she foresees in my career come to pass since I’ve been feeling doubtful. But with her great words of encouragement & insight, I’m that much more hopeful. Amy also reconnected me with a past loved one and knowing that he is okay and still around makes me feel at ease. Amy I will be contacting you again for a follow up!”

Jennifer L., Radio Personality

“I’ve known Amy for the past few years. She is one of the most honest, caring, soulful people I know. I personally was feeling a bug down and had all kinds of different thoughts going through my head. Amy helped me see and feel things more clearly. Thank you Amy.”

Miranda P., Flight Attendant

“I’m still speechless. All I can say is wow! I love Amy. She has very beautiful energy. Her specificity is so on point that I can’t put it in words.

I love you, Amy! Thanks!”

Paul C., Photographer

“I had the pleasure of having a session with Amy; she is not only amazing but absolutely loving and caring. The insight I was given at our session will resonate with me for a long time. Amy puts clarity and understanding to your life if you’re feeling a little lost and need help finding your way. I’m excited to continue this journey and have a new look at life thanks to Amy! Xoxo”

Lisa B., Entrepreneur, Spa Owner

“Touched me in a way I can’t explain but I needed it.”

Kitty M. Orlando, FL

“I have had a one on one session with Amy, attended a live reading as well as her workshop last year, which was filled with some incredibly amazing and supportive women. In addition, I have two very close friends whose lives have been changed for the better after working with Amy. I have been amazed and learned things that, I believe; only Amy could bring out. Much of it was difficult for me personally because I was not ready for the depth of it but if you are ready to make changes in your life, Amy is, without question, someone you need to connect with.”

Kimberly B., Management

“This was my first time and I am just blown away. I am very grateful to have experienced Amy’s gift. Thank you!”

Danielle G., Dental Hygienist

“I just want to publicly thank Amy for all of the peace and comfort she has given to me. As a grieving Mother she has given me a gift that I never imagined possible. She is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking comfort in grief. It was a special spiritual experience that will remain with me for eternity. Thank you so much Amy. I’m grateful for the gift that you have and your willingness to share it with others. Love you so much.”

Suzanne S. Tallahassee, FL

“Amy is amazing! She is grounded, compassionate, and gets right the the point – she does not mince words. Her messages to me from spirit were exact and direct, and I feel lighter and better able to walk with purpose in my life. You were the conduit for many amazing messages delivered to people in attendance. I am even more grateful for the incredible personal reading I had with you the next day – it was spot- on and I was blown away! You are, without a doubt, the REAL DEAL! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. I look forward to my next opportunity to be in her presence and further my learning about the spirits who guide and protect me. Thanks so very much Amy!!” ❤”

Elizabeth W., Massage Therapist

“Amy is a true blessing! Not only in helping me better understand the importance of self-care, but she has also tailored her approach specifically to my needs. She cares deeply, and I cannot speak more highly of her! I already see vast improvements in my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

Jennifer J., Graphic Designer

“Amy opened up a whole new world for me to begin to understand what it is like to connect with those in spirit. It has helped me to truly believe that our loved ones who have passed want to communicate with us, and through individuals like Amy, are able to do so. I was comforted by the messages conveyed and it lightened my sorrow and feeling that they are “gone”. They are still there loving us and sharing their wisdom for those of us living in the physical world. Thank you, Amy. I am so grateful we found you and for your gift.”

Janet K. Athens, Ohio

“Amy Is God’s Gift to People I Was Very Nervous but I Knew I Was In Good Hands from the Moment I Walked in the Door. I Have So Much Peace In My Heart. We Connected With numerous Family And Friends. Thanks Amy you are the Best!”

Kim G., Self-Employed

“I’m not sure where to start, but I think I will start with, thank you. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! You have been the first medium I have met and attending your event last night was beautiful, and you are also! I had some awareness of how those things would probably go having watched John Edwards and others years ago..I went not expecting anything for myself, but really just wanted to be witness to the other side coming through.  Your emotion and connectedness with helping and healing was heartfelt. I could feel so much emotion myself as others received their loved ones messages, tears rolling down my cheeks. To think that you have the ability to facilitate some quite possibly life changing healing for people is so special.  You mentioned my ability to receive is where I will find my joy (paraphrasing as I don’t recall the exact verbiage) was spot on! I am aware I have lost something inside me, and I know I am in this darkness, but I realize there is contrast I need to experience. My New Year’s card for 2017 I drew was “joy”. In my own words, I’m just “jacked up with excitement” for those you help and I’m already sharing your message and info with my friends and family to see if they would like seek more depth and understand.  As for me, I’m looking forward to scheduling my first appointment with you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Melissa W.  Orlando, FL

“Amy, you were amazing! To see the healing taking place in that atmosphere moved me to tears!”

Maritza G.  Orlando, FL

“Amy, your live audience readings were awesome. I really enjoyed seeing all the spirits coming to speak with their loved ones. I wish I had known about you and this meeting earlier. I have friends that would have loved to have been there. The private session that I had with you the next day blew me away. It was more than I ever expected and helped so much with my healing. Thanks for all you do.”

Paula P., Retired

“Thank you so much Amy it was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for the clarity and the warm loving light that you shared with me today. I can’t wait to get the results of the reading so I can review them again and again.

I just listened again to the recording of our session last Friday. You put your finger very gently and precisely on my problems and helped me know what I need to work on. It was obviously divine guidance from the highest realm. You have a beautiful gift and the warmth, love and authenticity with which you share this gift is amazing.

I now fully appreciate the difference now between a psychic reading and a soul reading. A psychic will say “You will meet a tall dark stranger next March.” A soul reading isn’t concerned with those kind of trivialities of life. Because your guides help you to look past all the masks we wear and see what our soul’s purpose is and what work needs to be done.

I am deeply indebted to you and feel free to give me as a reference for your work.

Love, peace and light.

PS the Key of A in chakras tones that you heard for me is the sound of the 3rd eye!”

Christy C., Singer and Socialite

“I had a wonderful reading with Amy!  She has an incredible gift and I am so happy to know her!  She gave me such amazing information about my future!  Everything she said was spot on!  Cannot wait to do another reading with her!  I learned so much about the spirit world!!  I would highly recommend anyone who may be interested to contact her for a reading!  Be ready to hear the truth!”

Shannon H., Socialite

“As I have moved in my life from chasing success to being significant Amy has been my spiritual leader and coach. She also uses your spirit guides to help you on your journey. Amy is a beautiful person who radiates love. Beware, Amy goes deep so all those things many of us keep secret are all on the table as you work thru the process of redeeming your soul.. I’m not a religious zealot but just a normal person trying to figure life out and my role in it.”

Tim M., Entrepreneur

“Sessions with Amy are extremely relaxing and most importantly cathartic. She calms you, & keeps you at ease, allowing for the best connection (with her & yourself) during your meet. Her intuitive gifts resonate deeply, and truly did help to guide me through some tough moments, memories, burdens and fears. I would recommend her to anyone seeking peace.”

Rebecca F., Video Production Coordinator

“Amy has been amazing to work with.  I came to her after a sudden onset of not being able to speak without stuttering due to massive amounts of stress.  I was working with a number of people, trying to make a breakthrough and be able to speak clearly again.  After working with Amy for a few weeks, we finally had a healing produced the ability to speak without stuttering for about 2 hours. The next time that period was longer.  She is walking with me as I learn how to cope with and heal the person I was and who I want to be now.  She has taken that scared little girl in the corner, and has helped her find the voice that so many had taken away.  I am happy to say, she is the one that helped my find my voice again…to where I have now been able to talk for a few weeks with only a minor stutter.  I know we still have a long road ahead…but she is helping make the journey an easier one.”

Dani B., Administrative Assistant

“Amy, you have a great gift to share.  Thank you for finding my mother’s best friends husband and my father.  You are very in tune, dedicated, patient, supportive and respectful of the spirit world.  They are lucky to have you as are we.  I hope to meet again.”

Nicole M.  Orlando, FL

“This was a life changing experience for me. There really are no words to describe this, the levels of accuracy and how in depth she went with me. I will definitely return to her!”

Kristina M., Executive Assistant

“Amy is simply AMAZING. I just LOVE her!!! She’s truly genuine and so sincere. Words cannot do justice to explain the healing that I’m receiving by connecting with her! I feel so blessed and grateful to have found her. I’ve been to a few live platforms, but somehow I was so drawn to her. She truly is a beautiful soul with such healing and positive energy. There is no mistaking that. Amy is so precise, so gifted, and so unbelievably on point. She leaves me in awe – every single time!! Her gentleness really is comforting. The tone, the delivery, the opening and closing with prayer – what person in this line of work do you know that does that??? Amy CARES! She’s helped me in so many ways from bringing clarity into my life, my relationships, family, health, reconnecting with my faith, and most of all healing the grief after losing my son 2 months ago. She can really bring out the inner light in you that is meant to shine. What a compassionate and loving person she is. Thank you Amy for all you do, and for continuing to serve us all for the greater good of humanity.”  <3

Shanel O., Human Resources

“Amy is amazing! I learned a lot from her about myself, relationships and work. She even predicted my 5 fillings, which I couldn’t imagine happening since I hardly had that many to start with. But sure enough, about 2 months after my reading, I had 5 filling plus a replacement filling! I am convinced!”

Leslie E., Government Managment

“Just had my first reading with her and she was spot on! She not only gave me useful information but tools to use to apply it. I only had a “one-question” reading but I look forward to setting up a soul interview with her! A friend of mine did the soul interview and she said it was life-changing!”

Maritza G., Teacher

“Recently had my first reading with Amy after losing my father on 4/4/2017.   Amy was able to connect with him, he let me know he was OK and gave me a message to give to my mother.   30 minutes is not long enough.  I will be recommending and calling Amy again in the near future.”

Laura L., Recruiter

“Amy was the best spiritual medium I have ever encountered. She truly made me feel like a whole different being when our session was done. She was able to open up vaults that I had shut for so long and really tell me about myself. I feel that I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am so thankful for Amy. I will be talking with her again.”

Heather M., U.S. Navy

“My reading with Amy was definitely a roller coaster ride. She knew me better than I knew myself. And answered all my worries and questions without having to even ask them. Of course you’re not going to always hear what you want to hear, but the truth always sets you free and Amy helped me do just that. I have had many readings before , but this by far has been the most amazing , and intense experience I’ve had thus far . Really looking forward to working with Amy on my road to spiritual healing. Thank you so much!”

Emmaly C., College Student

“My experience with Amy was wonderful. Her deliverance was wonderful and I did not even shed a tear because it was so wonderful to hear from my loved ones. She validated them clearly and I plan to return to Amy with the rest of my family very soon!”

Abby S., College Student

“Amy came into my life at a time when I needed her services the most.  I was in the midst of a transition with my marriage, career and home sector. I’d felt a shift in my energy and aspirations but wasn’t sure what to do with it.  We met randomly when I was walking my dog in Central Park in NYC one day a few months ago.  We had a nice conversation.  Her presence and friendly personality made a lasting impression on me.  As I went about my life, my mind kept turning back to her services and I decided to call upon her for some wisdom and direction.  I am very relieved that I did.  Amy is a true professional who possesses many gifts.  She is loving and compassionate and it’s evident that she truly cares about each and every soul she speaks with!  I recommend her without reservation and have already told a few of my friends.  I hope to speak with her again down the road after I’ve made some positive changes for myself.  Thank you Amy!  It was a real pleasure!!  :)”

Meri S., Sign Language Interpreter

“It’s been a day since my reading with Amy and I’m still trying to take in and sort out everything she said to me. If you might have concerns about how a visit with her would go, let me please put your mind completely at ease. She is a wonderful and extremely gifted woman and genuinely cares about those who come to her. When you are with her, all her focus is on you and she is there to help, comfort and guide those willing to walk with her. I would recommend without hesitation that if you are considering seeing a medium, that you look no farther than Amy. I will take this opportunity to thank her once again and take comfort knowing she is there when you need her.”

Barb S., Theater Producer

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading on Tuesday evening!  You have such a beautiful and comforting spirit and I was so comfortable for a new situation that I was a little nervous for.  After the reading, I have felt so full and bright, and have really felt the presence of my spirit guides with me throughout the day.  Thank you introducing me to that part of myself.  It has given me more confidence and security.  I look forward to scheduling another reading with you before I go to New York, and hopefully I can catch you sometime when you’re in New York too!”

Kelli M., Theater Management

“Amy was great… She was very kind and welcoming.  She provided me detailed information about a side of my biological family that I was surprised to hear about.  She also provided confirmation that my loved ones are still watching over me which was comforting.  Overall a great experience.”

Kristin J. Orlando, FL

“I met with Amy yesterday and had a burning question. This was an issue I needed to put to bed. Her delivery was amazing, kind, sweet and she was hands down accurate. She tells you things only you would know as if almost to test the connection to you. You’ll ask yourself, “how does she know this? Wow!” It’s very cool and she had my full attention. She was also to the point. Get ready though, she will tell you things whether you want to hear it or not and I appreciated her honesty, after all that’s why you ultimately seek spiritual counsel. I will certainly meet with her again in the near future.”

Janet D., Technology Manager

“I met Amy a couple of weeks ago and she really helped me put a lot of things I perspective….I am looking forward to seeing you again when you come to NEW YORK!!!!! I have some friends that would love to meet you. Thanks for everything.”

Vanessa G., Business Owner

“My reading with Amy was life changing, she is so gifted, kind and patient. We immediately were able to start a healing process, in a very peaceful and harmonious environment. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet with her and learn so much about my own self and my loved ones.”

Veronica D., Realtor

“Amy is a gifted Intuitive. I was curious but skeptical however after my Soul Interview I became a believer! My departed loved ones who spoke through her told me specific things that no one else could have possible known. It was unsettling yet comforting to know that spirit life exists and that although they have taken a different form, they are still watching over us. Amy has the ability to open up a new dimension for you!”

Laurie K. Emeryville, CA

“Amy is without a doubt a beautiful soul who I was blown away with… she was right on point on so many aspects of my life and on my marriage that I went back for a 2nd time with my husband. In our couple Session she gave us the tools and right energy to balance our marriage in positive way and for the first time in a long time we were both able to totally open to each other. Amy is the real deal, she is so much more than you can ever imagine and her faith in God is what made me totally comfortable and able to embrace it all … don’t think twice on going to see her, she will welcome you with her arms wide open.”

Lisa B., Qatar

“I first spoke with Amy 2 years ago when I was confused & I didn’t know what direction my life was going in. It felt like Amy peered into my soul & helped me gain clarity & direction. While there was some things she told me that I haven’t seen materialize, I also understand that the direction & progress of my own growth will influence my future outcome. My meeting with Amy feels like a counselling session but instead of having to meet with someone 10 times before they really are able to understand you, your life & how to guide you, Amy has insight into you & what you need in the first session.”

Charmaine J., Thornhill, Canada

“My session with Amy was beyond incredible. She was able to read my desires clearly and not only that, really bring some key ideas into light for me that I hadn’t considered. These insights caused me to take some different actions in my life–from job choices to releasing a few people from my life. Now I feel more and more energetic freedom from certain people and influences. I feel lighter, more guided, and more in touch with my spirit guides and mentors. I would highly recommend a reading to anyone at a point of big decision and flux in there lives. I now plan on having regular check ins about my life and decisions so I can keep fine tuning my own healing process as well as bringing into my life the abundance and relationships that I am worthy of. Thank you Amy!”

D’arcy B., New York, New York

“Excellent: One of my favorite people! Amy Rocks”

Donna G. Orlando, Fl

“Second group session with Amy, it truly is a honor to just be able to watch her work..but when it was my turn…all I have is WOW…she verified things, that I didn’t even realize until I was at home…SHE TALKS TO THEM, NO DOUBT IN MY MIND, she changed a non-believer in front of my eyes…AMAZING!”

Stacey F. Tallahassee, FL

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy a few years ago at an event. I was a bit skeptical at first but for the heck of it, I decided to give her a try. When we sat down, she asked me if there was anything specific that I wanted to know. I thought to myself, if she’s the real deal then, I will just let her tell me what she knew. Just so you know, I had just recently lost my Dad a few months prior and was still dealing with his passing. Amy asked if she could say and prayer before we started and I was all for it. When she started speaking, I was not only blown away by what she was saying, I was also brought to tears! My father came through and started telling things that only he and I would know. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! So here we are almost 3 years later, and again, have the pleasure of having a Soul Interview with Amy. I cannot put into words how amazing she is! Amy is one of the most beautiful souls that I have come in contact with. She is very patient and cares about what we are going through. Don’t get me wrong, there may be things that we don’t want to hear. However, Amy keeps things real. At the end of the day, Amy is there to walk with you every step of the way. It’s such a pleasure to know Amy. I look forward to many more wonderful years!

Peace & Blessings,


Amy is an extremely gifted medium. I had a reading with a different medium years ago, but it was nothing like this. I was given such accurate information from Amy. I didn’t go for a reading because I am grieving the death of a loved one, but I can not imagine how healing it would be to see Amy if you are dealing with profound grief/sadness. I highly recommend her!

Jody O. Orlando, FL

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Amy while looking for a life coach in Orlando. As suggested by many other reviewers, I booked a Soul Interview, and my experience truly opened my eyes and changed my perspective on several areas within my life. I was able to connect with my mother, which has brought myself and others in my family a greater ability to heal. For anyone who needs direction, hope, or to connect with loved ones, you will not regret your time with Amy. It was exactly what I needed.

Laura H. Orlando, FL

Amy Brock was professional and knew me better than I knew myself. She gave me so much clarity and put my worries at ease. I would highly recommend her!

Amy S. Los Angeles, CA

Likely the kindest beautiful young lady, greatly gifted intuitive & trustworthy counsel that ORL has to offer to people in need not only of guidance, but straight and accurate answers to a variety of specific questions.
Plus, I loved the fact that Amy neither was pushy (trying to sell me into anything) nor vague w/ her answers…or any red flag that would have ticked me off/made me suspicious.
I was very impressed by Amy’s kind & sound professionalism despite the emotionalgarbage I spilled onto her that day (*sigh*), but also genuineness whether with her gift, her kindred spirit or her effective time management.
As a matter of fact, enough time allocated for all my questions/concerns to be answered on the spot! Amy was very quick at responding back at me regarding my concerns abt my studies’ direction & other much more personal pressing questions I had.
I simply cannot rave enough about Amy’s abilities (as she did earn my trust), her sweet candor, patience w/ me, accuracy, honesty, and effectiveness.
Besides I obviously had a great in-person experience, it already is turning out she was correct abt e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g…in the good and well, the less good (*chuckles*).
I sincerely hit the jackpot finding Amy. An outstanding mentor to have by my side when I lost my direction & drive. It gave me just the right push I needed to finally move forward and upward w/ confidence. Really appreciated : )

Mina M. Orlando, FL

I was first introduced to Amy through one of my clients and then I met her personally at one of her spiritual intuitive seminars. She has a beautiful soul and easy to connect with! Last week I booked a soul visit in person and it was amazing! She really helped me understand more about myself, set some life goals and ways to start enjoying life! I would highly recommend her and look forward to my next visit with her!

Christina M. Orlando, FL

I was looking for a counselor to help me with a situation I was going through. I called over 3 counseling offices and left messages and none of them called me back. Then I was talking to a friend (out of the area) that suggested contacting a medium. While doing a quick search I stumbled into Amy and connected with her immediately from a blog she had posted that I was extremely familiar with. I made an appointment and was very impressed with the detailed information and assistance she shared with me. She got to the root of the problem very quickly and has helped me tremendously. She is very knowledgeable and is not just a medium but really uses all of her skills and life lessons to assist you to go through what is needed to help yourself. As a medium, she is very detailed and specific with messages that will leave you with no doubt that the messages are real, sincere and legitimate.

Tracy H. Funeral Director

Amy is amazing. She’s so kind and she’s got such a unique light. She mixes spirituality with humanity and makes you feel at home while tapping into your past present and future. She was spot on. The audio recording of my session was so valuable as it’s hard to take in everything in the moment because she’s so thorough. She’s not afraid to talk about sensitive issues but is very respectful and just seems to intuitively know what you need. She goes right to the issues and needs no information. She had me ask questions and answered them but the rest was all her. If you’re looking for the real deal Amy is it! She’s a beautiful person and her warmth and kindness and her gifts are quite remarkable! Thanks Amy!

Michael M. New York, NY

“I first met Amy at one of her events. I was in awe of her gifts and abilities. I knew I had to book a one-on-one session with her. During my session I connected with a loved one. Amy also helped me personally with the struggles in my life. I’m so excited to begin this spiritual journey in finding myself and my meaning and purpose in life.”

Liz W. Apopka, FL

“I first saw Amy at a Soul and Spirit Messages group reading and was blown away! Shortly after I started seeing her for private sessions and she has been absolutely pivotal in moving me forward in my life and on my spiritual path. She has an amazing ability to read a situation and connect with the underlying cause of both physical and emotional blockages. I initially thought Id see her for a single session to help with my immediate problems but quickly realized she was someone I could trust to help me in all areas of my life. I now see her on an ongoing basis as a life coach, healer and am proud to call her my friend. She has truly been a catalyst for positive change in my life and she always pushes me to be and do my best. ”

Sonya B. Oviedo, FL

“Amy has always been spot on and put her all since the first day I met her. In hopes of grasping anything I can get to hear about our 2 yr old son who passed away a few months back, we attended an event of hers for the first time. Amy simply blew me away. The accuracy, the beautiful words that came through, (the emotions that came with it!) & the healing aura she has. There are not enough words to express how much she’s helped me grow & heal since then. A year later and I’ve attended all of her events, some healing circles, an amazing workshop and intuitive classes. She’s the real deal! A beautifully genuine and kind soul, you can feel it every time you’re in her presence, love her!! I would recommend to any and everyone who needed guidance, to hear from their loved ones who’ve passed, spiritual advice, or energy healing – always worth it!!”

Shanel O. Orlando, FL

“My experience with Amy was so healing and a sense of peace filled my heart, mind, and soul. I had never really given thought to seek out a spiritual medium but I knew I needed some kind of understanding of my grief, anger, and emptiness. The session was sheer love and light. Amy provided solid evidence around all of my doubt and grief of a friend’s sudden death. For ten years I was incomplete, not being able to say goodbye. During our session, I received more than I ever dreamed of. Knowing her spiritual background left me feeling safe, protected, and supported. Many family and friends of mine all were beyond elated with their connection and results from their sessions with Amy.

My daughter in college was at a cross roads about her career and over direction, including her relationship with her boyfriend of three years. She was full of anxiety. After her session with Amy, she was laughing and happy, with a great confidence for her future.

On a side note, Amy gently mentioned for my daughter to make sure to wear her seat belt and to drive with caution. One month to the day after our session with Amy, my daughter was in a small car accident. I am so grateful for Amy’s gift, and for her giving us a certain peace in our life. I wholeheartedly recommend her loving soul! She is an Angel on Earth!”

Jill V. Orlando, FL

“Amy is incredibly special and gifted. I’ve worked with her in different formats including workshops, online classes, and soul interviews. In every instance, I’ve felt as if she’s my biggest champion, rooting for me to shed trauma, limit suffering, and find more joy. If she somehow lost her mediumship and psychic gifts, she would still be one of the most powerful coaches I’ve ever worked with. She’s just a pleasure to be around – she has a very healing presence but is also confident and hilarious. Her psychic and medium gifts are the icing on the cake that add insight to whatever life stage you’re in. If you have any doubts, cast them aside. Amy will prove to you within minutes her connection to loved ones in spirit or spirit guides through verifying information no one would know. From there – she enables you to be your best self through compassion, love, and light. It’s been an absolutely pleasure to work with Amy and I look forward with excitement any time I’m going to see her. Because I know I will leave a session more confident and fuller of joy.”

Ryan L. New York, NY

“Amy, Oh goodness. She’s the 1st psychic I have seen.
I did the 90minute session with her. The soul interview.
Absolutely incredible. I was in shock. Left me feeling all kinds of Whoa!!!! She’s the real deal.. She’s incredibly kind and very passionate and gifted in what she does. I highly recommend seeing her. If you want to see a real psychic. She’s it. Save your money for her. She has workshops too. Go to them! Your life will shift afterwards. Really just do it. Thank you Amy for everything!”

Dylan B. Orlando, FL

“Meeting with Amy gave me a unexplainable sense of peace and hope. It has been years since I spoke with a spiritual advisor, and I have to say that Amy is the Real Deal! She knew right away what worries I had in my heart and was right on spot!”

Priscilla P. Smyrna, GA

“Amy is such a beautiful person, She was able to connect to passed relatives and information she gave to me and my husband is “life changing.” I know that moving forward, we will be living ours lives with so much more awareness of the spiritual world. I am so grateful we found her.”

Debbie D. Orlando, FL