Harvest Spirit Food

Dear Beautiful Souls,

Untitled-1I realized the flow of my spirit comes so much easier when my body is clear from the haze of sugar. I began a juice fast yesterday to reconnect my mind to my spirit, instead of my body. I have struggled with managing my body all my life and have known for a long time what has really been weighing me down… I have lacked self-investment on the inside. I will get pedicures, manicures, facials and even Botox if necessary to keep my exterior flawless, but to eat well consistently and exercise, well that can wait. Unfortunately that attitude has weighed me down, and I have layers of proof.

How many of us admit to ourselves we need assistance in achieving more balance in the body?  I know having this conversation with myself helps me to be more accountable to my goals. I want to be spiritually, physically and emotionally fit.  Fitness to me is a consistent practice to train oneself for a desired outcome. Spiritual fitness is the beginning first step to achieve balance in the body. The body a fascinating creation from God is the barometer of the condition of the spirit. I even believe the body manifests illness or injury to bring us back to a place of spiritual alignment. I noticed in my years of practicing as a mental health counselor, when the body does not honor the spirit mental illness would emerge. Living in our truth is the key to living in our purpose.

Our bodies will manage us or we can decide to manage them. Fasting is a quick, although not easy way to reset communication to your spirit.  By delaying the gratifications of physical hunger one can feast upon interior subsistence. So how do we fast? Well it depends on your goals. I find it helpful to fast for a full 24 hours to encourage spiritual clarity when I need to make important life decisions. I am free from food and drink during that time. I recommend fasting at least one time per month as a spiritual maintenance plan. Additionally, I will fast for others who are spiritually sick or need energetic support if I feel compelled to do so.  I find that fasting in groups or for someone is powerful. Two spirits are better than one in achieving help from above. Consider joining with your partner, friend or other loved one to launch a spiritual circle of support while setting the intention inward.

A three day juice fast for me seems to provide a physical reset of my cravings and addictions. Along with lots of water and prayer I feel fantastic by day three! I feel such a sense of peace and self-love after a successful fast. My body feels lighter and I am taught that I am stronger than I think. When I mediate during this time, I feel a higher sensitivity to the whisperings of my soul because the body is put in check. I feel spirit driven not ego driven. I allow divine inspiration closer.

Your body knows just what you need to be healthy, trust the body it is smarter than you are.  We often forget how to listen to our bodies and fasting allows our spiritual ears to dial in. Harvest spiritual food and fast forward to live the best version of your life.  You may be hungry but you won’t be empty.


Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive