1. What religious affiliation, am I?

I identify myself as Christian. Although, no longer practicing any particular religion, my Christian roots stem from a strong traditional conservative childhood. I was raised devout in the LDS faith, otherwise known as “Mormon.” As an adult,  I consider myself open to all spiritual belief systems that center around the aspects of love, full acceptance of all and holism.

2. Do you work with all religions and cultures?

I respect all religious affiliations and cultures. I meet each uniquely with sensitivity and a loving embrace. Religion and individual beliefs are not a factor on the other side.

I just like to inform you of my chosen faith, to ensure your comfort when I pray in Christ’s name. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with this, as I can pray privately ahead of our appointment.

3. What does a Spirit Visit usually consist of?

A Spirit Visit Session is simply a conversation between me, you and whatever spirit or group of spirits shows up on your behalf. I will be connecting energy together, much like a phone call or internet connection, so that a loving message can be received for healing and peace.

First, I will provide evidence based information to prove contact with your beloved. During this process, I will interpret things from them that only you would know.  Together we will validate the spirit connection, then last a inspirational message will often follow.

Appointments last between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the goal of the session.

I highly recommend first time clients schedule a 60 minute session, so that all topics of interest and time for proper healing can be allotted for.

4. What happens during a Soul Interview Session ?

During this Spirit/Soul Interview session (psychic/mediumship reading), I will hear words and/or sounds, feel emotions, or see moving images or still pictures received through your spirit guides and/ or loved ones. I describe what I do, as being privy to the backstage scenes of a great movie or Broadway show starring you! I get to see the tapestry of your life and feel what you have experienced or will experience in the future.

Your deceased loved one will often prove their soul has survived death by providing me with evidential information. They will attend the session to aid in your healing and express their love for you. Often people feel as if they have had an actual visitation from their loved one.

5. How do I connect to your loved ones and will I know they are really there?

Before a Spirit Visit session (mediumship reading), I prepare in deep meditation and prayer to connect with your loved one. I attempt to get an essence of who they are before we even meet.

Often times your loved ones are with me days before I even know I will be giving a reading. One of the interesting parts of my job is coming home to a variety of spirits waiting for me.

Your loved ones are eager to communicate and will identify themselves with evidential information, so that there is no doubt they are there. Often they tell me how they died, use specific phrases or sayings, talk about their favorite memories with you, and mention things only they or you would know. I simply share with you their heavenly messages.

6. What happens during a Soul Visit Session ?

I will hear, feel, and know different insights that are given to me by your spirit guides and your own soul’s voice. This knowledge helps to map out strategies for problem solving, and give peaceful non- judgmental guidance.
Relationships, love, career, life direction, discovering of gifts/talents, life purpose, and children are all popular topics that may be discussed. If desired, circumstances of trauma, addiction, and abuse may be reviewed if you feel learning or discovery is important. Past life themes or identification of past life relationships may also be requested at this time.

7. What tips can I suggest before a session, so you get the most out the experience?

I strongly encourage you to come to the session as calm and stress free as possible. I am sensitive to your emotions and will pick them up energetically once I open up. Using prayer to prepare your spirit and ask for openness to the experience is always a great tool. If connecting with loved ones, I would plan for an easy day after the session.
Connecting with them can be quite emotional and you may feel tired or drained after the experience. It is really common to have dreams about loved ones or feel them around you in the days leading up to the session. Also, during the session you may experience changes in room temperature, so wearing layers is also helpful. You are free to take notes if desired; I will provide audio recordings if requested for an additional fee.

8. Do I read your mind?

Yes and no. One misconception in this line of work is that I pop into someone’s mind and read whatever I feel like. That methodology is simply not the case. Spirit protects you and me by only revealing information that is relevant and most beneficial at that time.
Yes, I do read your thoughts or feelings once you have given me permission to aid in your service. I will not discuss topics or thoughts that are not within the premise of the reading. Simply explained, if you don’t ask me to review a particular topic, I will not independently acquire information unless it is disclosed by your guides as being important.

9. Do sessions have to be done in person?

Sessions can be conducted in person, by phone or video call.

10. Do I read tarot cards or palms?

As a Psychic Medium, I do not rely on tarot cards or palmistry for readings. Although I do pride myself in understanding many modalities used in this service industry, they are not something I personally feel necessary or use as a basis for a reading. If requested I can pull a card or look at your hand just for fun at the end of a session.

11. Does everything I predict come true?

The successful prediction of a reading really depends on several key factors. The hardest part of my job is interpretation of all the various sensations that I am experiencing while working with spirit. My calling is not done in perfection because I am human, but I do feel whatever I share is coming from truth and higher vibration beings.

Your choices and other individuals’ choices can influence the outcome of all things. Ultimately, God is in control and there is fluidity in the agency of your life. When I give a reading it is simply a snap shot of what may come to be if you continue along the same path.
You have the power to change your course if you make different choices.

I  believe in  the magic of destiny, but I also believe in foreordination, whereas there are certain things that are more absolute…such as soul path and purpose. Timing in life is the key to everything. We can speed up or slow down our learning and outcomes due to our choices.

12. What are Spirit guides and Angels?

When I conduct a session, I am always connecting to your spirit guides and/or angels. I believe you have an assigned team of people in spiritual form who are there to ensure your life path and soul purpose is completed. Spirit guides are typically beings that have had a body and experienced the human life before.
They know us intimately and have a very distinct personality and appearance. They relay specific information to me on your behalf to encourage spiritual growth or healing. I can even teach you how to communicate with them too!
Angels are beings that work directly under Gods direction to aid in healing, strengthening in times of weakness, and protection. I will see angels at times present themselves for a specific task or need that you have.