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“People cross our paths for a reason. I had the pleasure of Amy and I crossing paths, both on a journey of discovery, and I have to say it has been an amazing ride. I have spent many many hours having insightful , heartfelt, and deep discussions with her that bring about change and love, laughter and tears in both of us. Her heart is pure, her spirit truly beautiful, and her gift is incredible. She will work with her clients through the trenches, never giving up on them finding their truth, and be holding their hand with a smile as they come through the other side. Her faith is without compromise, and I learn from her as much as she learns from me without doubt. She is a pleasure to know. xx”

Nicole McHenry, Psychic Medium


“I have had the privilege of knowing Amy for several months now and recently had my first formal reading with her. She is a BEAUTIFUL SOUL, incredibly gifted and Amy radiates love, light and super good vibes! She imparts a sense of peace and tranquility and she is 100% genuine. The information that Amy has shared with me was spot on and came at a perfect time. I highly recommend Amy’s services and give her 5 stars! *****”

Sheila L., Information Technology


Amy is simply amazing! She’s tells you about things that you know no one knows and is able to read your true hearts desires. After only a few minutes I knew she was the real deal and was glad that our paths crossed!

Chris M., Music Production


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Amy, she is the REAL deal! I went to her not knowing what to expect, but she immediatly made me feel comfortable. She was able to give me insight and guidance about my life path. She put so many of my worries at ease.This whole experience has been a ‘game-changer’ for me. She truly is something special!”

Megan A., School Teacher & Stay at Home Mom


“Amy and I found each other after I opened my 3rd business and quickly became kindred spirits. One day we met for breakfast just to collaborate and share business ideas and we spent the next 3 hours communicating on a very spiritual level. Amy was aware of some big changes ahead of me and she along with her guides openly advise me. It turns out that Amy saved my business and my life. I trust Amy’s ability to guide me in both my personal and professional life~ she is truly a blessing!”

Krystal E., Business Owner/Skyebird Juice Bar


“Finding Your Soul seminar was amazing and enlightening. I became so aware of my own intuition. I wasn’t clear but I can see clearly now. I see my intuition !!! I don’t necessarily feel it but in meditation this morning I realized I SEE IT,!!! and all the intuitions I ignored flooded in. It’s all good and I accept as part of my journey. I see…then know…and if I close my eyes and envision then I feel. Thank you Amy. Blessings”

Shilah J., Social Worker


“Amy thank you so much for helping me in my spiritual journey. Your love and spiritual intuitive words have given me hope and a path totally unexpected. You are amazing and so powerful. The seminar you and your staff conducted was so insightful and very exciting. It’s great to be a part of something so full of love and joy. Thanks for all you do. You definitely have a gift and you are using it for good. You are changing lives. You have changed mine.”

Charlene M., Personal Trainer


“Amy is a gifted and powerful intuitive who was blessed with an amazing gift from God. I received a wonderful reading from her recently where I was able to connect with my deceased father and get many messages from his spirit as well as other meaningful messages from sprit. She truly comes from a place of wanting to help and heal others and is able to deliver a message that can help guide you on your path, to those who are open to it. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to connect to the other side or has questions about their own path and are looking for guidance. The readings are very therapeutic to the heart and soul.

Angie M., ARNP


“I had my first reading with Amy a couple of weeks ago and I have had many, many readings in the past, great ones and not so great ones, so I have a lot to compare it to. One of the main things I look for is if the person “walks the talk”. In other words- I don’t want a reading from someone who is negative, or has a bad vibe. Amy is a true professional. She was so tuned in and there was no ego, whi…ch is so important to me. I’ve noticed this is actually a rare quality, and only present in the most legitimate of psychic-mediums. Her information is accurate and so specific, I was able to validate some of what she told me within the hour! (about the person I’d asked about…something I had known nothing about!) I highly recommend her, especially if you’re losing faith or are at a cross-roads in life. A reading with her will definitely bring you peace and peace of mind.”

Marcella C., Celebrity Make up Artist


“Amy is fantastic at being able to put someone at ease. She told me some things about myself that I had never really thought of and gave me peace.”

Melinda R., Professional for Florida State University


“With Spirit’s assistance, Amy changes lives, or rather, our perception of our lives as we know it. With Spirit, Amy uncovered and provided tools to heal old wounds, gave confirmation on things I already knew and shared methods on how to move forward. I am grateful that she has chosen to pick up the mantle and heed the call of lightworker because that is truly what she is. I recommend Amy for anyone that is looking for truth, direction and spiritual insight. I’m not new to this, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Amy is one of the best spiritual intuitives I have seen thus far.”

Peggy Y. Retired


“I hesitate to call this a psychic reading because it is so much more than that. Amy is led by spirit to connect with our soul on its deepest most divine level, sharing what it is we need to learn and achieve during this lifetime. It is uplifting and empowering. But more importantly, I left feeling my connection to the Divine and comforted by knowing there are no coincidences – only lessons and growth free of judgment for the elevation, and highest good, of my spirit. I highly encourage anyone looking for a truly spiritual, transformative experience to see Amy. You will not be disappointed.”

Keira D., Social Worker


“Amy is truly an amazing soul! She is a woman of many, many gifts and talents. Indeed she is a most talented intuitive! Amy’s roles in my life include but are not limited to; sister, friend, confidant, guide, counselor & healer. Moreover, she has been a leader and role model for me in many ways. Over the 5 years or so I have been blessed to be a part of her life (and she a part of mine) she has hel…ped me to break down walls in order to free personal demons and also to build walls of protection for myself. She has aided me in my journey to get better acquainted with myself and my spirit, to know myself better. She has helped me to figure out what truly drives my spirit, what kind of person I want to be and what kind of life I want to live. Furthermore, she has guided me and taught me how to achieve these goals and find peace and happiness within myself! During my single reading with Amy, she brought to the table (several times over) people/trials of my past that she had no previous knowledge of. Things that I had kept entirely to myself for many many years! Amy’s faith is her guide, where she finds strength, direction and enlightenment. Her intuition is wholly pure and strong! Amy has always been an advocate for helping others to become the best version of theirselves. She is a gift! She has enlightened me on so many levels. I love her as family and trust her intuition completely!”

Rachael J., Dental Hygeniest


“Amy is fantastic. She helped me get clear on the things I want in life. She is professional and uses her gift to guide you.”

Ari S., Realtor and Stay at Home Mom


“I have had the privilege to see Amy’s gift unravel first hand. She has helped many people, including myself, to get in touch with their own intuition and spirit. I’ve watched her give people, who come in to the spa, information that they needed to hear. I could see the relief in their eyes because she was able to answer questions that they’ve had for a very long time. In my own experiences with Am…y and through conversations, my purpose and life path are more clear. Her accuracy still astonishes me. Her work comes from a place of love, and through that she has touched the hearts and souls of many. I feel blessed to be on this journey with her as I develop my own gifts. I am excited to see what else will come of these miraculous experiences. Thank you Amy for sharing your wisdom, guidance, insight, and light with me and with those who need it.”

Rocio L., LMT, Aesthecian, Master Healer

“Very powerful experience! !!! Amy is very kind. A lot of information came about. Her intuitions, gentle strength and accuracy are impressive.”

Carol Anne R., Hair Stylist

“I had a reading with Amy and I must say that she cares about her clients. I didn’t feel like it was a business transaction (customer paying for a service) but a friend who wants to help you. I’m very stubborn and can get very defensive at times but Amy was very patience with me. She responded to me like the highly evolved spiritual being that she is. It took me awhile to receive what she was saying even though I knew that she was right. I wasn’t ready to hear the in-depth guidance. Thank you Amy for providing light into the dark areas of my life!”

Tania C., Social Worker


“I have had the privilege of having had two readings with Amy. She has helped me …to reconnect with my father, who has passed. To learn, love and forgive him and myself. To know he is always with me when I need him. She has opened my mind and my life with her guidance and knowledge. How to learn from my guides and expand my own talents with their help.I have known Amy for many years and a lifetime or two before and you could not ask for a better friend or advisor in this journey we are all privileged to travel. Be Brave…Take a Deep Breath….Jump into the Deep End of the Pool This new chapter of your life is waiting for you….and Amy is the one who can lead you to that new awakening.”

Grace C., Massage Therapist

“If you are looking for the real deal you have found it in Amy Brock. A true Spiritual guide and teacher, Amy’s gift of light, guidance, direction and love is powerful and life changing. One of my own very personal experiences with Amy’s gift of light, knowledge and truth has changed the course of my life forever. With her help I have crossed over from past pain, self destruction and misery to a life full of hope, self love and the power to see clearly the beautiful path before me. Thank you! Blessings in love and light to you always.”

Stephanie S., Cancer Survivor and Yoga Teacher