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Prayer Changes Things

Dear Beautiful Souls,

You ever have one of those days where no matter how hard you try things just don’t go your way? You know how it goes…the frustration kicks in and you resolve to the idea you may have been better off just staying in bed. Yep, we have all had those moments and for me that was yesterday. I spent the whole day going from one task to another feeling defeated and annoyed. As I sat on the train trying to figure out why I faced so much resistance, the thought came to my mind, “you did not use your intuition or pray and ask for help once.” Newsflash! I am a Spiritual Intuitive… “Wow,” I thought, “this was so true,” and I laughed at myself. Despite the epiphany, I still continued to pout, but I began to wonder, “Was that the lesson in this day, to be reminded of the contrast of what life is like with and without guidance from above?” Well folks, I think that was the case.
Many of us go throughout our day, zipping from one task to another taking the world on all alone because we simply forget to ask for help. Is it really that simple, just ask? Absolutely! After my terrible Tuesday, I got on my knees and wept and decided to let go of everything that got in my mind’s way. I can tell you my feelings of inadequacy, frustration and disappointment quickly left my body and I was able to release the left overs of defeat. I reconnected to my father above who I know loves me and wasted no opportunity to teach me in a loving way. I was reminded I do need him and that he has not left my side EVER. I left him out of my plans and ran out of the door because I decided I did not have time to take the few moments I needed to reconnect to my spirit. The consequences were great and the old coping mechanisms of self-harm started to cloud my thoughts.

I will confess Magnolia Bakery was calling my name as I sat angry in Grand Central Station. Luckily for me, my desire to succor my feelings in cupcakes did not win last night although the cupcakes may have been bought. The beautiful red velvet cupcake of escape is still sitting nicely in its box. Who am I kidding? The cupcake will be eaten eventually, but yesterday it would have been a drug…today it’s simply dessert.  

In a nut shell, prayer simply changes things. I have lived with a plaque in my bedroom that states that very statement for years. I have often looked up from my bed and read those little words and I have gotten on my knees and felt taller than when standing. I have felt the arms of the Creator, wrap around me in many hours of weakness, leaving my heart full. He is there. You spirit will whisper to you the words you need to hear, simply kneel down, speak and feel from within.

How do you pray?

1.     Start with the intention to receive inspiration.

2.     Listen in silence.

3.     Invite stillness and quiet inside your spirit.  

4.     Speak your truth. The good, bad and the ugly needs to be expressed in raw form.  

5.     Open your heart and wait for the peace to flow in.  

6.     Look for patterns as to how you receive inspiration. Ask yourself, “Do I have a feeling? Do I just know what I am supposed to do? Do I hear words? Do I see an image of the situation?” These are all forms of how personal revelation takes shape.

7.     Lean in and partake in the information you are receiving. Write down ideas, ask questions, or draw an image with no filter of judgement and fear.

8.     Understand that prayer is an active exercise. It takes practice and showing up is half of the battle.

9.     Allow your faith to grow. Test God and ask him to show you how he will communicate to you and if He is there.

10.  Remember participating in prayer is not a race, it is a destination. Your prayers will change and the answers will become more easily interpreted as you become more vulnerable and allow Him in.

11.  Never quit.  Prayer is the call you always want to make. Even if you feel alone, angry or unheard pick up your spiritual phone and dial home. He always answers, takes collection calls, and will never put you on hold.

Living inspired is to live informed, of His plan for you. How will you ever know how He can help you if you do not ask? Prayer is there to bring you closer to the real you. The windows of heaven open to hear your cries, and the voices of your spiritual guides will reveal themselves if you chose to listen. Pray always and discover the spiritual map to your rest. Find inside what has always been there and you have forgotten. Prayer is like extending your hand when you are unstable in your grip and you are climbing a mountain. He is there at the top, waiting to pull you up and let you see the terrain is easier to overcome with his help.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive