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His Name Was Anthony and He Changed Me

Dear Beautiful Souls,

Along the sidewalks of New York, you find them. I noticed the lost children on a Thursday around midnight at Union Square. They were playing double dutch and I decided to stop and observe how they found joy in such a hard edged place. Laughter and their incessant desire to keep trying even when the ropes fell brought a smile to my face. Lost in that moment, I ignored the brokenness of the city until I saw him. His name was Anthony and we locked eyes almost immediately as I broke my stare from the game. I could tell he needed something from me and I smiled at him with my eyes and mouth. He attempted his luck at jump rope and then gently approached me. I greeted him and he asked my name. I politely shared who I was and then my intuition began to kick in. I could see hopelessness in his countenance and I told him that I knew he was lost.

He softly replied, “Yes I’m lost” and explained he was originally from Washington D.C. I asked why he was so far away from home and he shared that a violent exchange occurred with his family and he had to leave. He stated he did not know how he landed there and shared his stories of instability within in his mind and body.  Realizing he was homeless and suffered from mental and medical illness, I felt compelled to pray with him, not knowing what else to do to offer him comfort. He agreed and I placed my hand on his shoulder and prayed the mightiest prayer I could think of. I asked God to watch over him and send angels to aid in his safe return home and to provide him with comfort to know he was loved. Anthony looked up at me with tears streaming down his face, and my heart was pricked.

In a moment near midnight my heart was tender to know that this soul felt something from above. He shared that he was just so sad and continued to weep. He placed his hands up in front of his face and I placed my two hands up next to his and sent him love from the prayer in my heart. Holding back tears I felt a soul to soul connection with a stranger who is someone’s son and brother. I felt the noise of the park leave my ears and I felt like the whole world took a breath and I felt sense of peace. The compassion and love I felt for this boy changed something inside of me. I knew that I was supposed to meet him and that all things that day had led me there.

I recalled my emotional prayers that morning because my grandmother had just died the day before and I was disappointed I was not with her. I needed comfort and asked God to help me serve others in a way that would please Him so I could distract myself from my pain. I had been frustrated because my stay in New York was far longer than originally planned, so I surrendered to his will to get me home when it was the right time.  I was supposed to leave on a plane that afternoon, but my flight got canceled. I had no idea why I would be in town one more day until I met Anthony. I knew my prayers had been answered but the strange thing is that I felt like I was the one who got served.

 I felt so close to God when I got the privilege to share a hug with this precious soul. Yes, he had lost his way on his journey, but I kept thinking maybe I was the one needing to be found, so that I could understand humanity’s need for pure love. I felt inspired to give him the cash in my pocket and asked him to have a good meal that night. He cried again and tried to refuse my gift. I put my hands of his face and wiped his tears and told him to find his way back home. He shook his head and I gave him one last hug and I walked away not sure quite how to process the experience. I joined hands with my friend waiting on me nearby and exhaled. As I walked away, I looked back to offer Anthony one more smile and he had already disappeared into the sea of people.

I was moved inside my spirit to have the honor to stand on the street and hear his story. Anthony gave me a reason to keep going and be a light worker. He proved to me in that moment by being present that I could receive the opportunity to connect with my soul and his. This was a mutual exchange of learning, service and energy. He taught me what can happen when we lose our way back home. He showed me the pain that comes from forgetting where we belong.

Do you feel like you have lost your way home?

If so, this is what I believe and learned from Anthony because I was allowed to experience the compassion of God through him. We belong to our Father in heaven. He will always wipe our tears and will send us angels when we are in trouble. He will give us just what we need even we do not even ask for it. He will still show us compassion when we decide to play games in the night and chose not to rest. He will cry with us and extend his hands to give us love if we place them out in vulnerability. He will hug us even when we are dirty and have not taken the best of care of ourselves. He will listen to us when we are sad and our bodies ache. He is there and will always find us even if we do not want to be found. We can always turn back from doing the journey our way and find safety in Him. He has given us a way to call him when we need help and the number is P-R-A-Y-E-R.    

I have thought of Anthony every day since our lives crossed paths. I think of where he is and how is doing. I can only imagine how much our Father feel’s the same way about us. I gave Anthony my business card and said for him to call me if he made it home, because I wanted him to find motivation in being found again. God does that to us, he asks us to contact him so that we can be found again. He will motivate us by giving us blessings; consider taking the time to identify them.

How can you be found? Decide to not be lost. Seek people of light. Place yourself in surroundings that remind you of heaven. Understand that your spirit is the commodity, not your body or intellect. Run in fervor with all you heart and in all you do. Plant roots with those who help you grow. Continue to smile even after the tears.  Ask Him in prayer ANYTHING and when all else fails give service. Maybe you will find you own Anthony. Maybe Anthony is even you. If you feel alone, I am here and I will cry with you. We are meant to do this together. Ask for rest in your sorrows and for healing.  To be homeless is to not know the place by which you came from. You home is with Him, and your spirit resides their always. We are the ones who forget, but he will never let you be forgotten.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive