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God is Love

Dear Beautiful Souls,


God Is Love even on the streets of New York

God Is Love even on the streets of New York

I was walking down the streets of New York hand in hand with a date, when I noticed him. All smiles in a conversation I looked down and my heart dropped, as I saw a homeless man in a sleeping bag on the curb of a church. Right next to him there was a sign on a gate that said, “God is love.” I had a profound moment with my soul and I wondered, “How can I find His love in this situation?” I felt the intensity of sadness wrestle with my mind’s capacity to process that view. The concept that one of God’s children was living amongst the dust of the New York night jarred me.  Along my feet was a son of someone. My playfulness of exploring the city changed into an opportunity to question the ways of the world. As a sensitive to other’s souls, I had to resist my desire to get a heavenly view of who he was. Like many others who may have crossed his sidewalk home, I kept walking. I tried to pretend I was unbothered and continued my conversation with my beau attempting to stay present in the moment of being carefree.

I guess that image never left me, because I still think of him much like Anthony the lost boy I saw a few weeks prior. This is my second experience understanding that the homeless are our teachers. They remind of us of the fragility of how a few decisions could lead to aloneness and the enrollment in the school of real survival. I think how these men may have to rely on the generosity of a stranger to feed or clothe them. The humility of laying your head on concrete to simply rest your body, wow… I am stirred.

So, I begged the question to my spirit. Where was God’s love? Where was He in that moment?

My answer came as a whisper in my ear, “within me.”  Although speaking no words, that man asleep who lay along my path taught me. He served me in the example of his life, that in despite of the circumstances you are given you stick it out. You rest and when you wake up alive, thank God and keep begging to live. You understand although you have circumstances that are not desirable you still show up and give it another try.

You many even ask, “Why should I try?”

I believe you try because at the very least, someone needs YOU to learn. If that man had not been lying there on that curb, I would not have felt God’s love for me in that moment. He was serving his purpose, by being an example to not quit.




We live our purpose even in the weak moments, or feelings of defeat because we all have a story to share. The resilience of the human spirit is the catalyst to understand our design that is manufactured for greatness. Smallness is tallness. To be humble and to take in the lessons of hardship is to know the height at which you will leap to awareness.

God is love because he gave us each other. We are not here alone living life on earth. We are one of millions of people all taking a breath right now, heart beating in our chest and alive for one more day.  I believe we all chose to be born and contribute to evolution.

So, what is the purpose now that you are here? KNOW that GOD is Love.

Seek His love in every occasion. Search for love in every circumstance. Surrender to His love in every choice. Ask, “How can I show myself or others God’s love when I am faced with difficulty?” You will know the answer, when the answer is coupled with a peaceful feeling. Your intuitive truth will always be paired with a feeling in the heart and the gut. Your mind is where you go to sort out the scenario and the heart and gut is where you go to feel the verdict.

Today chose love. Pretend you have never felt love before and let love feel brand new. Allow love to swell in your belly and pound in your chest. Remember those moments when you felt the most love and visualize that emotional experience. Those memories will keep you going until you make new ones. Love is Letting Others View your Expansion.  The expansion of love in your spirit is infinite. Shifting your view begins by finding God’s love in whatever box your learning comes wrapped in. The gift is in the receiving of the lesson and you determine the value of the experience. Having spiritual presence is like unto the bow on top of the box.  Living is the present and our connection to each other always makes the gift of life more beautiful. LOVE IS YOU. LOVE IS US. LOVE IS GOD. BE LOVE. GIVE LOVE. KNOW LOVE.


Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive