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For the Mile High Club

Dear Beautiful Souls,

As I sat on the front row of my plane heading to New York, I pondered about the dead solider that was traveling with us to his family and his final resting place. I was wondering why I was picking up such a massive headache and then I was given the answer from my intuitive voice. He died due to a head trauma and I began to feel his energy intensely. I could see the dead soldier in my mind’s eye and he appeared to me wearing his camouflage fatigues. He was hovering nearby the solider sitting across from me on the plane who had been assigned to escort his body home. I could feel the dead soldier’s desperation of wanting to communicate to his family through me. It broke my heart to feel a spirit feeling so unsettled worrying about his mother’s ability to cope with his loss. I asked the officer if he would pass my card along to the family, so I could perhaps offer myself as a vessel to aid in their healing. I was flying standby and I was asked to get off and on the plane three times. I wondered if the universe arranged my connection to this particular flight so I could serve this spirit. I am humbled and in awe of the gift I have. Although it is often met with tears as I experience the feelings of the ones I help, I get the blessing of connecting people to our maker almost daily.

He is real you know, God that is. I see his helpers…the angels, spirit guides and the souls passing through to heaven. It is just my normal and sometimes I become overwhelmed by the sacredness of life and spiritual orchestra that is playing all around us.

 As I was processing yet again another profound experience with spirit, I was staring at the southwest airline logo on the wall in front of me. The logo is a red heart with silver wings attached to it, or what looks like a flying heart. I began to think about how the heart is the gateway to all healing that we need and helps us maneuver our flight in this human experience.

Your heart is the copilot of the soul. I think that is why so many of us protect and guard it so. The heart is where we feel the most beautiful form of love and also where we feel the most pain. The heart is the vehicle by which we experience insights and spiritual miracles. I have to consciously turn my heart on and ask my clients to do the same so I can hear their soul’s voice and access higher consciousness when I serve them. I believe if we all would just allow our heart to be turned on more, we could fly to a place of more peace and higher enlightenment.

Love is of the soul. Fear is of the ego. Pure love allows us to take risks in faith and gives permission to the universe or God to provide us with our path. Pure fear co-creates with us, a place of judgement and separateness from the body and spirit and lends us to controlling behaviors and distrust.

Do you operate from a place of love or a place of fear? If you are not sure, look at how you measure your success. Is the measure of your happiness based on physical things and/or accomplishments, or is it based on you living through your soul’s purpose in love?

 Having success or material wealth is not the issue, it is the condition by which we obtain them that is perhaps something to consider. When we operate from our heart or inner co-pilot we will not fail. Even if heart break is the outcome of a decision, we still have not lost.  Heartbreak or as I refer to it as “soul exercise” is the way we learn. Heart work is hard work. Some blood, sweat and tears will be shed but the soul will be fed by colorful opportunities for growth. Avoiding the learning of the heart is like restricting the soul’s expansion.

In thinking more of my plane ride experience, I also thought of the concept of the mile high club. I chuckle when I think of this “club” identified as a “naughty” group of people who make love secretly on airplanes.  My kind of “mile high club” would actually consist of souls choosing in love, to connect to God by allowing their hearts to fly to him for help.

How do I connect to God’s love you may ask?

First, pack up your emotional baggage and board the plane to a destination where your heart and God are the co-pilots. Second, allow your trust to be your safety belt and if you panic reach for your face mask and breathe in faith. There will be turbulence or trouble, but remember he always provides you with flight attendants or spiritual guides to keep you calm and provide instruction. Do not forget to look out the window down below where things or objects in perspective are so small. Notice that the clouds of thoughts will move if you choose to look for the reveal of what is on the horizon, the beauty of the soul. The sunrise and sunset are proof there is a design and order to God where we all get second chances in the sky we are traveling through. He knows where and how high we must journey to reach our destination home. Enlist your heart, travel in love and just be present in the flying. Just as that soldier sacrificed his life for our country, sacrifice your fear and surrender your life to the captain and no longer be captive. You are never alone.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive