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For the Love of Ruth

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I imagine that in those final moments before death, when we are gasping for air that we are wondering did my life matter. Taking a breath is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die.  We probably will never quite understand the gift of breathing until our spirit lets go in the final breath to begin again.   

 I am feeling heavy hearted as my grandmother whom I was named after is preparing to leave this earth and meet her maker. Tears trickle down my cheek to think I have lost two grandparents within a few months. Although it is the circle of life, and I see behind the scenery of the earth there is still mourning for those I love and loose. I have learned there is magnificence that comes after the spirit leaves the earthly body because I believe in the afterlife. Part of my professional purpose is to prove the soul does live on.  As a medium, usually I am interpreting messages from the other side for strangers, but today I looked into to heaven to find my grandmother. She is lingering in ICU, and I can already see the spirits encircling her body preparing her to enter the door of light to heaven. Even in the somberness I find peace that we are never alone. Whether in birth, life or death I believe some Being brings us, carries us, and receive us.  Our spirit guides or angels are always nearby our soul ready to serve.

How do I know? I know because I hear, see, and feel the whisperings. I feel peace when I receive the messages and get insight so detailed the whisperings cannot be explained away. I hear my grandmother’s spirit talking to me and know she must choose her final time of peace in death.

My Grandmother’s name is Ruth Elizabeth, and her life mattered. She was a renaissance woman. She created life with her body and business with her mind.  She wore her hair strawberry red until the end, reminding us of the reason for the childhood nickname “red” which complimented her rosy cheeks and smile. She was stern but generous in heart. Her legacy was that of believing in God unwavering and living the simple life in spite of her access to have more. She loved fried fish with hushpuppies and McDonald’s sausage biscuits on Fridays. She was always in toe with her three sisters exploring the southern happenings of life, which to observe them would remind you of an episode of Designing Women. She loved jewelry, collecting antiques and crystal birds and always refused to be slowed down by her walker. A few months back I asked her why she felt she was created, and she looked at me defensively and said, “To work.” I think she noticed my sadness and then asked me the same. I said my purpose was to serve others. I realized we were saying the same things, although I do not think she ever understood her worth even in her last days.  She expressed near her death she felt peace within but I wondered if she knew how much she contributed to the world.

Do you know how much you contribute to the world?

So many of us think we are insignificant and do not count. We may even think that our day to day practices are under appreciated or unimportant. I can tell you that work is important, you matter and so does your life.  We often take for granted the design of our creation and forget the magical force that manifested the breath we take or thoughts we make. We linger too much on the stress and strains and not enough on the greatness and gains. The delicacy of life reminds me of how to not think about the win or lose but more on the heart and beat of living. We are all just one moment away of having an end, as no one can count the numbers in our days.  Just like when a flower dies, with every end there is always a seed that remains to be planted. I believe our God or however you define the vastness of what some may say is the unproven is infinite. I believe we have no ends, only beginnings to another chapter of our story.

We all have a specific purpose for why we are here. Allow your soul to speak to you as a lover, and begin to live in the jeans or body of your soul.  In the night, be the light only you can give. Reach out for help and never forget to hear in quiet places. Focus not on death…but the rebirth of getting another chance.  

Ask yourself why am I here? What is my purpose and how do I live it?

God is there waiting to tell you, but he will not always make it so obvious. Work to know him. Work to know your soul. Work to live inspired so when you are at end of the journey and let go you don’t ask yourself what if. Settle into the uniqueness of your own beauty and be present. Take notice, look in the mirror and reflect upon your divinity. Know you are here to be heard. Step into who you are and be honest as to who you are not. It is not about how you started life or the circumstances you were born into, but how you finish at the last breath.  


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive