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For Sickness and in Health

Dear Beautiful Souls,

So, I have spent the last week lying in bed making every promise to God to free me from my horrible plague. I do not know exactly what I had but I can tell you I was miserable. You know those times when you are so sick, that you feel like you are going to die and you promise God,  when you get better you will  appreciate your health more? This was one of those moments. I swear, I confessed to God every sin I could think of, but it still took nearly a week to free my body of the enemy virus. So, in normal fashion I evaluated what brought me to this place of total body shut down.  What I concluded is that my illness came down to my lack of taking care of my spiritual and physical energy, let me explain.

I believe we are energetic beings constantly responding to the energy around us. Being a medium, I am extremely sensitive to EVERYTHING around me. I had been traveling on planes, trains, subways and giving many spiritual readings for weeks. Part of my regular spiritual maintenance is to take care of myself through various exercises but sometimes even for me, it becomes too much and I become overloaded with energetic garbage. For the average person, energetic garbage may come in the form of a headache or stomach ache or even bad mood. This is because many times, what we feel does not even belong to us; it belongs to someone or something else. You may have noticed that when you get off the phone or speak to someone at work you feel drained or irritable. This is a classic symptom of an energetic exchange where you picked up someone else’s emotional/spiritual “stuff.” 

To further illustrate this, I want to provide you with an example as to how I experience the energy of others. One day, while traveling home on a plane, I began to suddenly feel extremely nauseous and have a headache. Knowing that I am an empathic being and I often feel other people’s emotions or feelings, I asked myself, “does this belong to me?” My intuitive voice, simple replied, “no.” I then asked my spiritual guides or intuition who these symptoms were coming from. I immediately, felt the gentleman sitting next to me on the plane. I observed he was sweaty, clammy, his hands were shaking, and he did not appear to feel well. As I looked over at him, we were landing and he stated he could not wait to get off the plane and have a drink at the bar. I knew right then he was experiencing classic symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and I was picking up his discomfort. Once I acknowledged where the feelings originated from and decided I would not continue to join in his physical experience, my discomfort immediately left.

I view energy like a blob of random matter or molecules that stick to everything. To me it looks like a cloud of dark haze that floats in a room. I believe these clouds of energy hold all the emotions or texture of a space and make like an energetic fingerprint or DNA imprint of the area. Many of us have experienced that feeling of walking into a particular space and thought, “I don’t like the vibe of this room.” That is because you are feeling the residue of whatever has happened in that space before.

As another example of this, one of my clients and I were speaking about this very topic and she explained she had just walked into a particular store to buy something. She stated upon entering the front door that she immediately felt stressed and feared for her safety.  Surprisingly, she was told that the store had just been held up at gunpoint and robbed moments before.

Her experience, demonstrates how we are energetic sponges that are constantly filtering out our experiences spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Often we are too disconnected from our spirit to have awareness to what we come in contact with on a daily basis.

So, to help you with this concept, I want to provide you with basic steps on how to manage your energy.

1. Before you begin your day, set the intention to only hold on to what emotionally/spiritually/physically belongs to you and nothing more.

2. Imagine yourself in a bubble of light that completely encapsulates your entire body and energetic space, this should be about 5 feet around you in all directions. 

3. Upon visualizing yourself inside the bubble, establish the purpose that the bubble represents a protective layer, creating a barrier between yourself and others.

4. Maintain the bubble at all times, you may even need to inflate the bubble again especially before a meeting or call with someone who you know wears down your energy.

The energetic bubble is a great way to begin setting boundaries with those around us. You should notice you do not feel as exhausted or tired because you have established an intention of spiritual care. This is the first step to keeping a healthy spirit that is less inclined to get sick.

When I think of being so sick over the last week, I am reminded that our body operates as a barometer to inform us when we are must pay more attention to what we need.  Often our intuition will tell us when we are pushing ourselves too far. It is when we ignore the spirit that our body will quickly do its part to get us back on track. Our body is the glove to our spirit that acts like an internal mirror to our spirit’s condition. God has provided us with the tools to keep optimal spiritual and physical alignment to achieve our soul’s ultimate success. Remember to use your spiritual bubble to preserve your energy and health. Always ask if the feelings you are experiencing belong to you or someone else. Know that God does not want us to be responsible for other’s energetic garbage. Take out the spiritual trash that is making you sick and if you are not sure ask your intuition. Peace cannot be falsely duplicated and always indicates spiritual well-being. Dis-ease will cause disease within you. You cannot always control your environment but you can control the spiritual space you reside within. Pop the bubble of living inside a life you do not want, and end the spiritual sickness of ignoring your intuition. Be well and be free.  


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive